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Wikiwineguide is the first complete, up-to-date and reliable world-wide wine guide. It is built in collaboration by people from around the globe!

You can make a valuable contribution to Wikiwineguide in just minutes. You just need to create account or log in here to edit pages! For information on how your contributions are licensed, read Copyleft and Copyrights.

How to?

1. Edit a page. You can edit any article on Wikiwineguide simply by clicking "Edit" link. You will see the text formatted in Wiki markup. It helps the rest of us if you follow our policies and guidelines and manual of style. However, even more important than following every guideline is to plunge forward and write something – someone will be along to help with the formatting later! Add your hometown, or a place you’ve visited often!

  • Find the right article. Wikiwineguide articles are named after the geographical location. Select the best article based on where the attraction is. If it is outside of a town, you might have to place it where Wikiwinetravellers would normally stay when visiting it.

2. Register an Account. Anybody can't make contributions to Wikiwineguide, but creating an account will give you various benefits:

  1. Write on User Talk pages to communicate with other writers about your edits and tips.
  2. Credit for your travel writing/edits, which will be attributed to you.
  3. Your contributions will be more trusted as you become familiar to other Wikiwinetravelers.


  • Changing section headings - even if you don't like them. Wikiwineguide uses a standard template for each article.
  • Writing about culture. Wikiwineguide articles often have Respect or Understand sections, which attract extensive contributions on culture. However, your time is best spent adding practical advice and suggestions, and letting the Wikiwinetraveller discover the culture for themselves when they get there.
  • Encyclopaedic or promotional language. Writing that something is fantastic or the best can be meaningless to a reader who may have different interests to you. Remember to think of why you like something, and say it in the normal words you would use. Don't adopt the tone of a tourism board, or a neutral point of view just because you are writing in a guide. Your natural conversational tone, and your genuine interest in what you are describing is what we are hoping to capture!

Moving forward

If you want to get more involved, or learn more about WikiWineGuide you could start by reading the manual of style, and the help files which will give you an in-depth description, or by looking at some of our star articles.

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